Is park nature’s last stand?

Theodore Roosevelt discovered when laws were passed to protect the Adirondacks that the game wardens hired to prevent poachers from killing animals illegally were city people who got these jobs from powerful friends, but knew nothing of the woods. He ordered that those jobs go to local woodsmen who understood the wild places.

The week of April 30, 1965, more than 100 persons attended the meeting of the Whitetail Deer Association held in Herkimer. The association agreed to work with legislators to bring about a better deer management program under the state Conservation Department. Present was Glenn Harrish, who introduced several conservation bills conserving deer. The group voted to study a deer-feeding program.

I’m asking DEC – have these programs been stopped? I feel the deer herd and fish population in west Canada and Speculator area are extremely low. If not, can they be renewed? In my opinion, conditions are worse now than 1903.

Isn’t it ironic we did away with the one-room schoolhouses, the small country churches and we are phasing out more of the old farm ways? Country life is changing faster than life itself.

It’s possible and probable wild forest and wilderness could be the last clean, quiet place. The Adirondack Park may be the animals and nature’s last stand in New York. Let’s be careful.