Doheny can help business

I’m sad. I’m saddened for my children, for their friends, for every young person. You hear the same stories every week: So-and-so’s son is moving to Kentucky because that’s where the jobs are; someone’s daughter is going to Texas because she can’t grow her career here.

These kids want to stay in this area; it’s where their family is, it’s where they grew up, but there are no jobs.

We need someone in Congress who has a track record of bringing businesses back from the brink, not someone who’s spent their entire career working a political machine. We need someone who will help our young people, who isn’t afraid of working hard to achieve the best.

There are two candidates running in the Republican primary race, but only one choice. I will be voting for Matt Doheny come June 24. I will be voting for the future of this district.


Morristown, St. Lawrence County