School Notebook

Johnstown High School

Colleen Robinson will hold earth science Regents reviews Thursday from 2:30 to 3 p.m. and June 19 from 8 to 10 a.m.

A schedule of all Regents review sessions can be found on the school website,

June 12 will be the last day of regular classes at Johnstown High School.

Knox Junior High School, Johnstown

Knox band members will perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the Amsterdam Mohawks game June 14.

On June 13, Knox students who have made the honor roll this year will be treated to ice cream sundaes, compliments of the Knox PTSA and Stewarts.

Eighth-grade students will go on a field trip to Cooperstown on June 25. The trip will be from 7:45 a.m. to approximately 4:30 p.m. Permission forms must be returned to the main office by June 16. Transportation home will be available for bus students who need it if they have indicated it on their returned permission slips. Students will need to bring a bag lunch.

Colleen Froschauer nominated Allison Morey for student of the week. Morey received a certificate, a student of the week pencil, her picture in the display case and a free pizza from Pino’s Italian Restaurant in Johnstown.

Check the Knox page regularly on the school district website,, for important information.

The last full day of regular classes at Knox will be June 16. Final exams begin June 17.

Warren Street Elementary School, Johnstown

Ellen Roehl’s kindergarten students have been working on a life cycle unit. They worked hands-on, sorting and planting various seeds and watching, graphing and comparing different growth rates.

Students followed the life cycle of a chicken through an embryology project with resources provided by the Cornell Cooperative Extension. They witnessed baby chicks hatching. Students also learned about the life cycles of butterflies, turtles and frogs.

The class went on a walking field trip to support and promote the Johnstown community. Students visited Roth’s Art Studio, Mysteries on Main Street, Vince’s Pizzeria, the Johnstown Park, the Johnstown Public Library, Dr. Gary DiSanto-Rose’s dental office, Magic Kernel and Stewarts. Students took home information, a craft, a coupon or a goodie bag from each stop.

The class will take a tour of Johnson Hall, where they will play with time period games and have a family picnic on the grounds.

Glebe Street Elementary, Johnstown

Pupils who reached prize level five in Glebe’s Accelerated Reader program earned a presentation from the Adirondack Museum this week. They participated in a hands-on, interactive experience that included props, stories and photographs related to camping, fishing and boating in the Adirondack Wilderness more than 100 years ago. Some students acted in a role-playing activity that included catching and collecting fish and cooking them over a campfire while telling stories. Other students used walking sticks, hiking gear, spyglasses and pack baskets to create skits that showed how Adirondack guides used to bring city dwellers through the Adirondack wilderness. The presentation tied in to Glebe’s Accelerated Reader theme, “Welcome to Camp Glebe.”

Pupils in grades four through six competed in the annual elementary track meet June 6, competing in various events including the dash, hurdles, long jump, softball throw and others. They prepared by participating in a track-and-field unit in physical education.

Pupils in Glebe Street’s first-grade classes are preparing for the summer by visiting the Johnstown Public Library next week. They will learn how to keep their reading skills sharp by joining in the library’s Summer Reading Program.

Meco Elementary School

The universal pre-K pupils traveled under the sea to learn about animals that live there. They read “Commotion In The Ocean” and made an ocean mural. They read a Clifford magazine about seahorses. They read several stories about rainbow fish. They learned about the life cycle of a frog and sang “5 Speckled Frogs.”

The annual Meco Field Day and picnic will be held June 13.