No more career politicians needed

I’m as mad as hell and I hope everyone else is mad as hell.

The national GOP involving themselves in local campaigns and being up to no good is disgusting, to say the least. Elise Stefanik must feel she can’t make it on her own, so she has to bring in the national GOP. She has already been doing things behind closed doors, and what does that tell you? Elise Stefanik is a young woman already well steeped in politics and has no other career, so it is obvious she plans on making a career by being a U.S. representative. We do not need any more career politicians. Many people who work in government are there because they are not capable of working in the private sector. Elise Stefanik knows nothing about upstate New York. or the people who live here. Think twice before you vote. In plain, unadulterated words that everyone understands: We do not need any more underhanded, lying, stinking politicians in Washington; we already have too many.

I will be voting for Matt Doheny or not at all.