Area boys lacrosse players named league all-stars

Several area boys lacrosse players were among those honored as league all-stars in the Wasaren League and Big 10 Conference.

Johnstown had Austin Brand (attack), David Fahr (midfield), Ethan Hale (defense) and Zach Simone (goalie) named first-team Wasaren League all-stars.

Fahr had 55 goals and seven assists for Johnstown, while Austin Brand finished with 48 goals and 24 assists.

Jeremiah Robinson (attack) was named a second-team Wasaren League all-star after he posted 11 goals and 27 assists this season for Johnstown, which went 9-8 overall.

Amsterdam, which went 9-8 overall, had Jon Magaletti (attack), Anthony Yevoli (midfield) and Marc LaBahn (defense) named first-team Big 10 all-stars.

Magaletti led the Rams with 33 goals and 19 assists, while Yevoli had 29 goals and seven assists.

Matt Fedullo (midfield), Kevin Ottati (defensive midfield) and Dan Lis (defense) were named to the second team for Amsterdam, while Corey Dybas (attack), Tyler Nordby (attack), Dal Orengo (long-stock midfield) and Dillon Smith (goalie) were named honorable mention.

Dybas had 24 goals and 14 assists, Fedullo finished with 17 goals and nine assists, and Ottati had 15 goals and nine assists.

Wasaren League

Cambridge’s Chris Warnke (attack) and Greenwich’s Hayden Stalter (attack) were named first-team all-stars along with midfielders Shay Curtis (Lansingburgh), Jarred Sausville (Cambridge) and Zach Pierce (Schuylerville).

Lansingburgh’s Luke Pondillo was named a first-team all-star at long-stick midfield, while defenders Mark Hackett (Hoosick Falls) and Mike Brandow (Greenwich) also eared first-team honors.

Attackers Nathan Brada (Maple Hill) and Josh Thomas (Schuylerville) were named second-team all-stars, along with midfielders Glen Taylor (Greenwich), Dakota Franklin (Lansingburgh), Austin Seymour (Maple Hill) and Noah LaBarge (Hoosick Falls).

Long-stick midfielder Jacob Adler (Maple Hill) was named to the second team, along with defenders Brandon Smith (Maple Hill), Kiel Kyer (Cambridge) and Kyle Macitia (Lansingburgh)

Voorheesville goalie Dylan Hausen rounded out the second-team all-stars.

Lansingburgh had Ryan Quiment, Matt Kent, Cameron Delisle, Tyler Smith-Sousis, Kyle Kratzenberg and Mark Scott earn honorable-mention status.

Also named honorable mention were Maple Hill’s Cole Cioffi; Cambridge’s Ryan Jeskie, Matt Hoffer and Christian Hunt; Hoosick Falls’ Mike Sprague and Chris Shielding; Schuylerville’s Dom Darenzo, Corwin Ackerman and Shiloh Murray; and Voorheesville’s Sam Weiss, Mike Stachowski and Justin Burke.

Big 10

La Salle’s Mark Uhlig and Christian Brothers Academy’s Don Vivian shared Player of the Year honors in the Big 10.

CBA also had Jack Ladd (attack), Aidan Murphy (midfield), Ryan O’Hagan (midfield), Ben Anthony (defense), Tom Stanton (defense), Kyle Stockman (transition midfield), Tim O’Connell (goalie) and Connor Wacksman (goalie) named to the first team.

Attackers Erick Aldas (Schenectady) and Dan Facci (La Salle) also were named to the first team, along with Troy midfield’s Jahsiere Graham and La Salle defender Will Williams.

Rounding out third first team were La Salle’s Christian Apicella (transition midfield), La Salle’s Sam Collins (long-stick midfield), Schenectady’s James Schnepf (goalie) and La Salle’s Dan Marcelle (faceoff specialist).

CBA had Chris Willox (attack), Jack Zilgme (midfield), Grant Stockman (defense), Noah Frese (long-stick midfield) and Dave Force (faceoff specialist) named second-team all-stars.

La Salle’s Alex Fron (attack), Connor Luizzi (midfield) and David Schilling (defense) were named to the second team, along with Troy attacker Steve Russman and Schenectady transition midfielder Richard Boyer.

2014 Boys Lacrosse All-Stars

Wasaren League

First Team

Attack: Chris Warnke (Cambridge), Hayden Stalter (Greenwich), Austin Brand (Johnstown)

Midfield: Shay Curtis (Lansingburgh), David Fahr (Johnstown), Jarred Sausville (Cambridge), Zach Pierce (Schuylerville)

Long-stick midfield: Luke Pondillo (Lansingburgh)

Defense: Mark Hackett (Hoosick Falls), Ethan Hale (Johnstown), Mike Brandow (Greenwich)

Goalie: Zach Simone (Johnstown)

Second Team

Attack: Nathan Brada (Maple Hill), Josh Thomas (Schuylerville), Jeremiah Robinson (Johnstown)

Midfield: Glen Taylor (Greenwich), Dakota Franklin (Lansingburgh), Austin Seymour (Maple Hill), Noah LaBarge (Hoosick Falls)

Long-stick midfield: Jacob Adler (Maple Hill)

Defense: Brandon Smith (Maple Hill), Kiel Kyer (Cambridge), Kyle Macitia (Lansingburgh)

Goalie: Dylan Hausen (Voorheesville)

Honorable Mention

Attack: Cole Cioffi (Maple Hill), Ryan Jeskie (Cambridge), Ryan Quiment (Lansingburgh), Matt Kent (Lansingburgh), Cameron Delisle (Lansingburgh), Mike Sprague (Hoosick Falls)

Midfield: Dom Darenzo (Schuylerville), Corwin Ackerman (Schuylerville), Sam Weiss (Voorheesville), Tyler Smith-Sousis (Lansingburgh)

Long-stick midfield: Shiloh Murray (Schuylerville), Mike Stachowski (Voorheesville)

Defense: Matt Hoffer (Cambridge), Justin Burke (Voorheesville), Kyle Kratzenberg (Lansingburgh)

Goalie: Christian Hunt (Cambridge), Mark Scott (Lansingburgh), Chris Shielding (Hoosick Falls)

Big 10

First Team

Attack: Erick Aldas (Schenectady), Dan Facci (La Salle), Jack Ladd (CBA), Jon Magaletti (Amsterdam).

Midfield: Jahsiere Graham (Troy), Aidan Murphy (CBA), Ryan O’Hagan (CBA), Anthony Yevolli (Amsterdam).

Defense: Ben Anthony (CBA), Marc Labahn (Amsterdam), Tom Stanton (CBA), Will Williams (La Salle).

Transition midfield: Christian Apicella (La Salle), Kyle Stockman (CBA).

Long-stick midfield: Sam Collins (La Salle).

Goalie: James Schnepf (Schenectady), Tim O’Connell (CBA), Connor Wacksman (CBA).

Faceoff specialist: Dan Marcelle (La Salle).

Second Team

Attack: Alex Fron (La Salle), Steve Russman (Troy), Chris Willox (CBA).

Midfield: Matt Fedullo (Amsterdam), Connor Luizzi (La Salle), Jack Zilgme (CBA).

Defense: Dan Lis (Amsterdam), David Schilling (La Salle), Grant Stockman (CBA).

Transition midfield: Richard Boyer (Schenectady), Kevin Ottati (Amsterdam).

Long-stick midfield: Noah Frese (CBA).

Faceoff specialist: Dave Force (CBA).