Seven Mohawks taken in baseball draft

AMSTERDAM – A total of six former Amsterdam Mohawks were among those selected in the Major League Baseball draft.

The draft began Thursday and was completed Saturday.

On Saturday, five former Mohawks were among those selected.

University of Kentucky pitcher Chandler Shepherd, a member of the 2012 Amsterdam team, was selected in the 13th round with the 404th pick by the Boston Red Sox.

Wake Forest pitcher Jack Fischer, a member of the 2011 Mohawks, was taken in the 21st round by the Detroit Tigers.

Wake Forest pitcher Connor Kaden, a member of the 2012 team, was taken in the 27th round with the 808th pick by the San Francisco Giants.

Delta State pitcher Taylor Stark, who played for Amsterdam in 2011, was chosen in the 30th round with the 896th pick by the Milwaukee Brewers.

Auburn pitcher Rocky McCord, a member of the 2012 Mohawks, was take by the Kansas City Royals in the 31st round with the 933rd selection.

Florida State first baseman John Nogowski, who played for the Mohawks in 2013, was chosen by the Oakland Athletics with 1,032nd pick in the 34th round.

On Friday, Matt Gage, who played for the Mohawks in 2012 was selected in the 10th round by the San Francisco Giants.