New Stewart’s to open June 18

PERTH – Stewart’s Shops will be opening its new location in town by the end of the month, officials from the company said Tuesday.

Maria D’Amelia, spokeswoman for Stewart’s, said the current location will close June 17. The new store – which is next to the current one, across County Highway 107 – will open the next day. The new store is expected to have its grand opening June 27.

Stewart’s Shops operated a 2,000-square-foot store with two self-serve gas dispensers on Route 30, next door to Tower Shops.

In April, Gary Dake, Stewart’s Shops president, said the company would trade properties in town with Mark Murphy, who owned the Tower Shops.

Stewart’s took the current Tower Shop’s location, while the Stewart’s and former NBT Bank across the street will go to Murphy. Murphy can put the location to use in a “non-competing capacity.”

Mark Murphy, who owned Tower Shops, said he will receive the current Stewart’s store in July.

As of now, Murphy has no set plans for that location.

“It was a business decision, I guess, you have to weigh all the factors,” Murphy said.

Closed in mid-May, the Tower Shops is currently being remodeled with new shelves and other additions to the store, D’Amelia said.

The new location will also allow Stewart’s to sell diesel fuel on the site, something they lack at the current location.

Stewart’s will also be renting out the former pharmacy space, and has not developed plans for the Tim Horton’s location inside, which has closed.

D’Amelia said the company will maintain some of the original staff and will hire roughly 10 more employees.

Stewart’s previously purchased the adjacent property to the north of its current store, which was formerly used by NBT Bank. Stewart’s had planned to demolish its store and the former bank building to construct a new store.