Be careful if changes made

Mayor Dayton King has proposed changing the way members of the Gloversville Common Council are elected from ward elections – which give each ward one representative to the council – to at-large citywide elections that would give every city voter a say in electing each member of the council.

King’s plan might best be described as a counter-proposal to 1st Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth’s idea to replace the city’s mayor with a city manager form of government. King is showing he can play the reshape city hall game as well as Wentworth can.

Both King and Wentworth’s plans should be given careful consideration, but neither reform should be allowed to sidetrack the mayor and the council from the business of operating the city and serving the public. King and Wentworth were elected to work within the structure of government that exists now, and they should be focused on doing that more than trying to change the rules. It should not be impossible for the two of them to disagree on issues of substance but still function in the offices to which they were elected.

If, in the end, the public does decide to change its form of city government, we hope it is for reasons that would improve the city.