Woman to hold fundraiser for abandoned cats

GLOVERSVILLE – A local woman will host a “Bowl for Hope” fundraiser event at Starlite Lanes on Saturday to cover the medical expenses of abandoned cats that were found in a city apartment without food or water in August.

Almeda Stuart, who previously volunteered with the Regional Animal Shelter, said four kittens and an adult male cat were found by police inside the vacant apartment at 112 Washington St. She said the cats had been left for eight or nine days without food or water.

Stuart said the cats were in poor condition when they were found. She said they were emaciated, with blackened eyes from infections, and “nothing but fur and bone.”

She said since that time, she has taken on $892 in medical expenses and also needs to pay an additional $430 for one cat’s eye to be removed. That cat is named Hope.

“Hope’s third eyelid never healed right, so it fused to her eye and it’s always bloodshot,” Stuart said. “We tried ointment and eye drops, so the vet thinks with all the drainage and irritation, the best thing to do would be to have her eye removed.”

Stuart said all but two of the cats have been adopted, and were facing a variety of medical issues before she cared for them.

Jeremy T. Stanton and Hope M. Litchfield of 112 Washington St. were previously charged with abandonment of animals and cruelty to animals.

Police said they were arrested on a warrant after an investigation revealed they abandoned five felines after moving out of the apartment.

Capt. John Sira said the two were living together before leaving the apartment.

Sira said the apartment was vacant, filled with trash and animal feces.

Stuart said she took the cats based on the assumption the city or those responsible would help care for the animals, but that never happened.

“I told them I was overwhelmed with the vet bills and I asked about restitution, but I was told no because I voluntarily took them, but what was I supposed to do?” Stuart said. “I already have my own cats and dogs so I wouldn’t have taken more cats on if I knew it was going to be my expense.”

The bowling event is $15 per person for five-man teams, and will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. The event will feature a 50-50 raffle and a variety of basket raffles as well.

“I’m just looking for help to pay for the surgery and medical expenses,” Stuart said.