City to hire contractor to maintain county properties

GLOVERSVILLE – The Common Council unanimously voted in favor of hiring an independent contractor to perform property maintenance on county owned properties and abatements on properties cited for violations.

According to the resolution, approved Tuesday, Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones is authorized to proceed with a competitive bidding process in order to secure a contractor to perform this work under the assigned schedule.

According to the schedule within the resolution, the bid package will be prepared for the June 10 meeting, at which point the council will authorize the solicitation of bids and all bids must be received by July 2 at 10 a.m.

The resolution to award the contract to the lowest qualified bidder would go before the council during the July 8 meeting.

At the last meeting, the council debated and tabled the resolution that would have the city create a new DPW laborer position – for $28,808 – with the primary function of addressing blight conditions on properties in the city.

The other tabled resolution sought the solicitation of bids to hire an independent contractor to perform lawn and snow abatements.

The council asked Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones to find the expected cost of hiring outside contractors so it could be compared with the suggested DPW position.

According to his memo to the council, the laborer would have brought a long-term financial obligation of health benefit costs, and because the work occasionally completed by volunteers having a laborer do the work would make it exclusive to the CSEA bargaining unit.