Sheriff seeks overtime grant funds

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department has landed one state grant to combat “aggressive driving” and is seeking another, Sheriff Thomas Lorey said this week.

Lorey briefed the Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee Wednesday on the status of his office’s Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee grant application for 2013-14 that was submitted last year. He said the county was notified by the state that it was awarded the grant to combat “aggressive driving actions” on local highways. He said the grant will fund overtime patrols in the amount of $8,170.

The sheriff said Thursday his department has been securing the grants on an annual basis.

“They go to overtime patrols involving specific violations, such as seatbelt violations and driving while intoxicated,” Lorey said.

Lorey also made a request to the committee to apply for a Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee grant application for 2014-15. He said the state informed him $11,400 will be available this time for overtime patrols to combat aggressive driving.

The committee authorized Lorey to accept the 2013-14 grant and apply for the 2014-15 grant. The full board will vote June 9 on the proposed resolutions.

The Public Safety Committee this week also took action on a couple of grant items through the office of Civil Defense-Fire Coordinator Allan Polmateer.

Polmateer requested and received permission to hire Pittsfield Communications for $1,710 to climb the Sheriff’s Department tower and install an antenna and cable for a networking-wireless connection. The funding will come from $6,129 appropriated last year to Polmateer’s office from State Homeland Security Program grant money.

The committee also preliminarily authorized purchase of a $519 one-door release button from grant funds. The button will be installed in Polmateer’s office area.

Polmateer said the Office of Homeland Security has approved both purchases, which the full board will vote on June 9.

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