Off to See The Event

GLOVERSVILLE – Visitors at the Eccentric Club on Friday night could tell right away they were not in Kansas.

With the decorations at the club including classic images from the famous movie, “The Wizard of Oz,” – and with many guests dressed as characters from the film – people knew they were at the 13th annual edition of The Event, which was called, “An Evening in Oz.”

Guests at The Event, which was held by the Nathan Littauer Foundation, dressed as characters from the film mingled with plain-suited guests as they wined and dined. Items on the menu even took part in the “Oz” theme, with names such as the Tin Man’s Rissoto Bar and Glinda the Good Witch’s lobster macaroni and cheese.

Kathy Nadler, dressed as Dorothy, came to The Event with her husband Don, dressed as the Lollipop Guild coroner.

“We love to dress up. It is a lot of fun,” Nadler said.

Debbie Eagan of Gloversville, dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West, is a longtime supporter of the foundation.

“We come every year,” Eagan said.

John Papa and Alexandra Higgins both came as guests of Patriot Federal Bank.

“We couldn’t refuse them, and we are so glad we got here. It is a great event,” Papa said.

Higgins said she submitted one of her sculptures for the event as a prize.

Prizes from silent auctions at The Event included a trip to Alexandria Bay, Jefferson County, and tickets to the U.S. Open.

The goal for The Event was raising up to $100,000 for the Nathan Littauer Foundation.

Geoff Peck, executive director and vice-president of the foundation, said the funds will go to the hospital to purchase new imaging equipment for the radiology department.

He noted the theme for the foundation’s marketing this year is focusing on home healthcare.

“So, the “no place like home” theme is something we are really embracing,” Peck said. ” … We are a community of just over 10,000 people in Gloversville, 9,000 in Johnstown, and we have our own hospital. Communities our size don’t have that.”