Police probe case of injured cat

GLOVERSVILLE – City police are investigating an injury to a house cat’s neck, Chief Donald VanDeusen said.

The mother of the cat’s owner, Nanette Kastraveckas, who is taking care of the injured animal, said the cat was shot in the neck with a firearm.

Police, however, could not confirm the injury was from a gunshot.

Kastraveckas said the cat was let out of the house at 50 Fifth Ave., Apartment 2, but didn’t return for several days. On Wednesday, she said, the cat made its way back to the house despite the wound to its neck.

VanDeusen said police determined the cat had a wound to the neck but couldn’t determine what caused the injury. He said the investigation is ongoing.

“We don’t have any suspects, but it’s an open investigation, and if any leads are developed, we will continue to follow them up,” the chief said Thursday.

Kastraveckas said the cat has been treated and is recovering.

Police are advising any residents who have information related to this incident to call the department at 773-4506.