Take a stand, protect kids from tobacco

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Project Action Tobacco-Free Coalition of Hamilton, Fulton & Montgomery Counties and its partners for their continued efforts in protecting our youth and community from the harmful effects of tobacco use. Statistics prove that youth smoking is still a big problem in our community, and according to the U.S. surgeon general, tobacco use is a pediatric epidemic in the United States, with 3.6 million youths currently smoking cigarettes.

It is proven that tobacco marketing in stores is a primary cause for this epidemic, giving our youth the impression tobacco use is acceptable. As a youth advocate and community partner, I urge community members and parents to join forces and support Project Action in their continued fight to protect our youth from the harmful effects of tobacco.

Let’s take a stand, and help protect our youth from a lifetime of tobacco addiction.

BRENDA RAVA, director, Montgomery County Dept. of Youth, Alternatives to

Incarceration & Veterans’ Services