Council changes soliciting policy

GLOVERSVILLE – Following a silent public hearing, the Common Council unanimously voted to change the City Code regarding peddling and soliciting within the city.

According to the proposed change in local law, the council believes the previous form of chapter 202 of the City Code needed to be modified to provide “additional protections to the citizens of the city.”

City Attorney Anthony Casale said the most significant changes residents will see in the code are related to more thorough background checks, and several additional limitations or restrictions in the way individuals can solicit. The resolution also creates an administrative appeals process before the Common Council for when permits are denied or revoked.

One of the other changes will require applicants to provide residents with all pertinent information regarding the solicitation visit, so the public has full knowledge of the solicitation taking place within the city. The notification must be provided to local media and the city no less than five days prior to the start of the solicitation, according to meeting documents.

According to meeting documents, the law change also creates a “do not solicit” list. Residents can sign up to be included on the list, which is provided to the person seeking a permit during the application process.

The change also allows any aggrieved person by the denial of an application for a permit or license to have the right to appeal to the Common Council.

According to meeting documents, the Common Council would then set a time and place for a hearing. The decision and order of the council on the appeal would be final and conclusive.