Northville to discuss failed budget proposal

NORTHVILLE – Northville Central School District Superintendent Debra Lynker and the district’s Board of Education will hold a special meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m. to discuss what the district will do after the failed 2014-15 budget vote May 20.

The $10.6 million budget plan – which carried an estimated tax-levy increase of 3.8 percent – required a 60 percent supermajority to pass because it exceeded the tax levy cap. The district’s tax cap was set at 1.12 percent.

The majority of voters favored the budget, voting 255-179 for it. However, district officials said the proposal fell five votes short of getting the needed supermajority.

Lynker said the Board of Education can again put the budget up for public vote June 17, make cuts to the budget or go directly to the contingency budget, which would increase the tax levy by 1.11 percent.

“It will be my recommendation to put the same one back, but it is not my decision,” Lynker said.

Lynker said if the budget vote failed a second time, the district would go right to the contingency budget. However, Lynker stressed that the contingency budget only went to the tax cap, and said there was a chance any new budget discussed would still be above the tax cap.

Lynker said she was disappointed with the budget failing.

Northville voters also rejected a merger between Northville and the Mayfield Central School District. In January, Mayfield voters approved the merger, 386-273, but Northville voters rejected it, 670-309. Officials have said the rise in taxes was seen as a way to stay fiscally viable after the failed budget vote.