County delays sale of property due to mix-up

FONDA – The Montgomery County Legislature voted to approve more than 60 properties that were sold at a May 13 tax auction, but one property had to be set aside due to a mix-up.

The property, known as parcel 43, is a hotel and restaurant on Riverside Drive in Fultonville, across from the Thruway exit. It was intended to be sold as one part, but ended being broken up into three parts.

Buanno Holdings LLC of Fultonville paid $135,000 for one part of the property, which includes part of the hotel, during the auction. The auctioneer then sold the other two parts – the restaurant and the hotel’s main building – to the next highest bidder. However, the potential bidder did not end up putting a down payment on the property, so it was not set to be approved.

District 4 Legislator Ryan Weitz said he spoke to county treasurer Shawn Bowerman and was told the supervisors could pull parcel 43 off the list, recombine with the other two parcels and re-auction it. Weitz said the supervisors could also do a proposition to sell the land to Buanno Holdings.

“It’s a really unfortunate situation,” Weitz said.

The other problem with the property is that it may not be able to have a business built on it. Weitz said that town of Glen regulations require two acres of land to build on a property, and the two leftover parcels are under two acres.

District 3 Legislator Roy Diamond said he was hesitant to table the parcel for fear Buanno would lose its bid.

“It’s our problem, and I don’t think we should put our problem on a qualified bidder,” Diamond said.

Several county legislators said that would not happen, since the resolution was only being tabled and not rejected.

The legislature voted to set aside parcel 43 in order to learn more about their options before making a decision.

Legislators reiterated they wanted to ensure Buanno Holdings would receive parcel 43, but wanted to figure out what to do with the connected land.

The resolution to approve the sale of the parcel will take place at a later date, said Legislature Chairman Thomas Quackenbush.