Auction for Tryon items raises $50K

PERTH – A recent public auction of items left over from five buildings at the former Tryon youth detention facility raised a total of $50,000 for the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency.

The IDA, which now owns the Tryon site on County Highway 107, plans to turn it into a business park. The IDA conducted a May 7 auction of about 500 items in some of the buildings as a precursor to the development project. Officials said the auction, whose proceeds go the IDA, was successful.

“It was in the $50,000 range,” IDA Executive Director James Mraz said Tuesday.

He said about 25 percent of that total went to Broadalbin-based Adirondack Auction Sales, which conducted the auction for the IDA.

Among the items auctioned off were: roll-around carts. sinks and toilets, shelves and cabinets, sneakers meant for former youth inmates. heaters and generators, motors, desks, chairs and tables, drill presses, compressors and grinders, office equipment and signs.

The state transferred title of the Tryon property to the IDA, which is working with Fulton County government to covert the property into the Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center. The Fulton County Demolition Team is razing four of the campus’s 40 buildings to make way for phase one of an infrastructure project at the site.

“Building demolition is ongoing,” Mraz said.

The IDA is keeping the core buildings from the old Tryon days intact, including a full-size gym, an Olympic-size pool and a 250-seat auditorium.

Jablonski Excavating of St. Johnsville is being paid $1.12 million for the first infrastructure phase, which Mraz said should start next month.

“We’re probably going to be in mid-June with the startup of construction by Jablonski,” Mraz said.

Work to be done includes: 2,500 feet of new road, 3,900 feet of new water line, 600 feet of new sanitary sewer line, repair of the electrical system at the site’s wastewater pump station on the north side of County Highway 107, repair of the wastewater pump station on the south side of County Highway 107, construction of a stormwater collection system for a new road, the energizing of the electrical system, charging of the water system, the unplugging of sewer lines, and the restarting of sewer pumps.