Mayfield eyes new superintendent

MAYFIELD- The Mayfield Central School District Board of Education may decide on a full-time superintendent by the end of the week, a board member said this morning.

Joseph Natale, interim superintendent for the district, said the board had narrowed down the superintendent search to two candidates from outside the school district.

Natale said last week the decision would come soon.

“I would guess late May or early June,” he said.

Natale said the applicants met the criteria they were looking for, and merely needed to decide.

Robert Suits, a school board member, said the district may decide which candidate it will pick by the end of this week.

Natale said this morning he hopes to have the decision ready to be adopted at the June Board of Education meeting.

Natale and Suits said they could not say who the two candidates were, citing “personnel issues.”

Mayfield received 30 to 40 applications for the superintendent position.

At a March forum, parents and faculty indicated they are looking for an honest, appreciative and student-centered superintendent who will be up-to-date and knowledgeable on state education news and regulations.

Natale said in March the new full-time superintendent will face concerns over finance, Common Core and other problems. He also said the new superintendent will come into a district where parents and faculty are very invested in the children and the district.

“We just want to get a good fit for our school district,” Suits said this morning.

Natale was appointed the interim superintendent in July 2013, replacing former Superintendent Paul Williamsen, who retired last year.

The salary for the position will be $110,000 to $140,000 annually, with benefits.