Please keep cats indoors, loved and alive

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor Jeanne Robb wrote about Linda Hines’ missing cat.

I too hope your baby makes it back home to safety. I am a big advocate of keeping your cats indoors. Ms. Robb is absolutely correct in saying they’re safer. There’s no place safer than home. You must be rich if you let your cat outside, or you just don’t care because there are cruel people, roaming dogs, diseases like distemper or leukemia, which cats can get from a bush outside if an infected cat rubs against it. There is no cure for these diseases, only prevention. People poison cats simply for being in their yard; that is illegal, but they do. I’ve been adopting out cats for people for many years. I’m known as Kitigurl – it’s on my license plate. I help and educate people. I’ve even crawled through feces to rescue a cat and worse. I have current neighbors that let their cats out; why, I don’t know, but I feed them anyway.

I will continue, even with irresponsible neighbors, to preach and beg everyone to keep their precious cats indoors. They love looking out a window. You owe it to them to keep them safe, loved and alive.