Mom makes daughter proud

What exactly is the definition of a role model? When I carefully ponder the question, I come up with a person who stays positive, leads with integrity and honesty. Setting good examples and never straying from the mission.

The local school board elections took place Tuesday. I felt a little sad because my mom, Cynthia Breh, ran for the school board, but didn’t win re-election to the school board in the Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville Central School District.

As I thought more about her not winning, it opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. My mom did not lose; she learned a lot about herself through the whole process. She had no personal agenda and she stayed true to who she was. She never buckled and always had the students as her focus. My mom spent countless hours working on the job that she was nominated to do last year. Being on the Board of Education is a non-paying job, but full time work.

I am proud of the person many of you refer to as Cindy Breh. To me she is a mom, a grandmother and I can be proud that she not only is a person I look up to, but a person her grandchildren can be proud of.

I wish the new Board of Education the best. It is a tough job and its not going to easy. Just be honest and stand strong on your values; that alone will make you sleep better at night, knowing you stuck to the initial mission: helping the children.