Swanger eyes change to FM clubs’ fundraising

JOHNSTOWN – The various clubs within the Fulton-Montgomery Community College Student Government Association are carrying too much money over from year to year, College President Dustin Swanger says.

As a result, he is suggesting a change in policy that would require the clubs to have an intended purpose for fundraising and require the clubs to spend that money on the students or its intended purpose on a yearly basis.

“I have a growing feeling that the SGA has more money than it should,” Swanger said. “I don’t want [the money] but I do want them to spend it on the students. We are doing a lot of fundraising and when I say a lot of fundraising I mean we do fundraising just about every day.”

He said during an audit of the Fulmont College Association it was recommended the club balances were swept into one reserve account for the SGA. Swanger said under the recommendation, the SGA would handle the money and allocate the funds based on the various club requests, rather than each club having its own account, but that change hasn’t been implemented yet.

“If you are going to fundraise, you need to have a purpose for that fundraiser and you need to spend those dollars the year that you fundraise them,” Swanger said.

He said the SGA is currently carrying over $45,000 to $50,000 in club and fundraising funds on a year-to-year basis.

However, he said there are certain clubs that hold fundraisers with a specific purpose, and those take time. He said an example of this is the Veterans Club, which is in the process of raising money to upgrade and improve the memorial on campus.

“That’s an expensive project to do and it’s going to take them a few years to do that, but they and other clubs could have a multi-year plan, which is approved by the SGA and college administration,” Swanger said.

He said currently there isn’t a policy that designates how fundraisers are organized, or how long the clubs putting them on will be saving the money they earn.

However, he said given the direct impact such changes would have on the various clubs and student body, he would wait until the fall to bring the topic up for discussion again or to officially make any changes regarding the policy or club accounts.

“We are not going to do anything officially until the fall,” he said. “I don’t want to do anything when the students and faculty aren’t here, or for them to feel like we snuck a policy by anybody.”