When God makes a promise, that promise is always fulfilled

This weekend the nation celebrates Memorial Day. People will hail it as the beginning of the summer season. There will be sales of summer items in many stores. A long as the weather cooperates, there will be many decks, patios, backyards and grills once again in use after a long, cold winter.

It would be a shame if that was all that Memorial Day was about. Memorial Day started as a way to honor veterans of the Civil War. Understandably, it was more popular in the northern states. Over time however, it has become a time to honor all who have given their lives in the service of their country.

The word “memorial” involves memory and the concept of remembering. To remember something is to make it live again in our hearts and minds. Remembering is an important concept in Judeo Christian scriptures. Time and again God would do some marvelous act for the people of God, and the people were exhorted to demonstrate their thankfulness with acts of remembrance.

When God makes a promise, that promise is always fulfilled. The scriptures also record that the people give thanks that God remembers promises. Remembering is no small thing; it honors those who are being remembered and it insures that the story of their lives and deeds live on in the memories of succeeding generations.

Remembering can touch us on multiple levels, and the Memorial Day holiday can be the catalyst that enables us to live gratefully and to insure that future generations in our families know and appreciate their heritage.

This year, as we enjoy the return of summer, let us never forget the reason for this holiday and share our thanks for those who have insured our freedom. Let us also remember God’s faithfulness and give thanks for the witness of those who passed down the faith to us. Finally, let us remember those in our own families who have served their God, their nation and their loved ones, leaving us with memories of loyalty, sacrifice and honor that continue to inspire us.

Rev. David Almleaf is the pasor of the Grace Lutheran Church in Johnstown.