Some try to divide people

Regarding a recent article in The Leader-Herald about a “racial gap” in our children’s schools: what is disturbing about these “foundations” that publish these reports is their categorizing people as “whites,” “Asians,” “Hispanics” and “blacks.”

What is our American society becoming; are we descending into some sort of racial caste system? I thought our country was steering toward the goal where one’s race is irrelevant.

It is a biological fact all races will merge, it needs no “government intervention,” which causes a degree of civil unrest and discrimination that is counterproductive to our blending all races into our American way of life. This “melting pot” has been the “mother root” of America’s rise to its present peek of glory. The global prominence has been given to us by the blood and sacrifice of Americans of all races in its defense of freedom and free speech.

Some biased pollsters attempt through skewed statistics show discrimination toward so-called “minorities.” If this is so, how is it that “Asian minorities” score higher than even so-called “whites,” while their racial data score so-called “Hispanics” and “blacks” last, while “Asians” have the same social exposure with the same data base, discipline anyone?

What is missing from this data are the variables that contribute largely to this problem, such as proper parenting. To focus this problem onto racial discrimination and our educational system is misguided at best. Parents are responsible for the proper nurturing of their children, and teaching the benefits of a positive attitude and the importance of schooling.

There are some people whose agenda is to submerge America (misguided or otherwise) into a divisive racist country. These people rant and rave about more “diversity”; that word is akin word to “divide,” which is exactly what is happening in America today. Hopefully, with the proper government and unbiased leadership, the time will come when the word “race” will only reference some sporting event.

Amen to that.