Trio face charges for fuel theft: deputies

ROOT – Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies said three people were charged Wednesday for stealing diesel fuel.

Brooke Lynn Bobar, 19, of 109 Canyon Road, Canajoharie; Anthony Steven Foote, 18, of 106 Hilltop Road, Sprakers; and a 15-year-old male were all charged with petit larceny. Bobar was charged with one count, while Foote and the juvenile were each charged with five counts.

Deputies said over the last two weeks they have been investigating a series of diesel fuel larcenies from the town Highway Department. Town employees noticed at the beginning of this month the fuel tanks appeared to be tampered with, deputies said, and cameras had captured photographs of the subjects.

Deputies said on Wednesday evening a town employee, using binoculars, saw two males being dropped off on Mapletown Road by a car. The car left and the two males were seen walking over to the fuel tanks. Minutes later, deputies said, the car returned and picked up the pair. While this was occurring, the town employee was updating the dispatch center at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspects were stopped by a deputy on Rappa Road and found with 15 gallons of stolen diesel fuel, deputies said. Bobar was driving the car, deputies said.

All three were issued appearance tickets and released.

Bobar and Foote are scheduled to appear in Town Court on June 2. The juvenile male is scheduled to appear at the Montgomery County Probation Department to answer his charges.