Northville woman gets price right

A Northville woman won a trip to Mexico while playing on “The Price Is Right.”

Tracy Anderson, who works as a deli clerk at the Gloversville Hannaford, appeared on an episode of the TV game show that aired May 12.

Anderson said she got tickets to go see a taping of “The Price Is Right” in March.

While she was visiting family in California, Anderson said she scheduled her whole trip around being able to get to the taping.

“I got the plane ticket after I got the ticket to the show,” Anderson said.

Attending the taping with her sister Tina and a friend – both of whom live in California – Anderson was excited to see the show.

At the show, Anderson was picked out of the crowd to “come on down.”

According to Anderson, producers of the show spoke with audience members to pick a candidate from the crowd as a contestant.

After Anderson correctly guessed the price of a pair of Gucci sunglasses, she was the second contestant to get on the stage.

The prize she got to play for was a six-day trip to Cancun, Mexico, where she will stay in a room at the Fairmount Mayakoea Hotel and Casino.

To win the prize, all Anderson had to do was win a game of Freeze Frame.

Drew Carey, the host of the show, told Anderson she had to correctly estimate the cost of the trip to Mexico by pulling a lever and stopping a rotating “clock” of numbers on the right price.

Listening to her sister and using her own extensive knowledge of the show, Anderson pulled the lever and stopped at $7,380.

Tina Anderson said she was holding up seven fingers for her sister, hoping she saw.

“I think at one point she looked at me and nodded her head,” Tina Anderson said.

Within a few seconds, the price was revealed, showing Tracy Anderson had guessed correctly.

Almost instantly, Anderson was screaming happily, jumping up and down, and hugging the host after her win.

Both sisters said they are excited to take their trip to Cancun, planning to head there in January.