Johnstown plan wins approval

JOHNSTOWN – Greater Johnstown School District voters approved a $30.3 million budget for 2014-15 on Tuesday in a vote of 311-100.

The budget increases spending by 1.5 percent and contains a tax-levy increase of 2.47 percent, below the state-imposed tax cap. The tax levy will increase from $7.56 million to $7.75 million.

School officials said the budget improves district art, music and athletic programs, includes money for teacher supplies and maintains all current programs.

Superintendent Robert DeLilli thanked the community for coming out to vote.

“With the numbers coming out the way they are, I think it is a sign the community supports the school district, and we will continue to work and improve,” DeLilli said.

John Brandt, a parent of a student in the district, said he voted for the budget.

“I don’t think it is unreasonable to figure [the budget] is going to go up a little each year,” Brandt said.

School board elections

In the Board of Education elections, candidates Scott Miller, with 365 votes, Evamarie Mraz, with 308 votes, and Angela Clizbe, an incumbent with 298 votes, won a four-way race for three seats. They will be sworn in at the July organizational meeting.

Candidate Salvatore Giarrizzo was defeated, receiving 230 votes.

Mraz, a former member of the board, said she is looking forward to serving on the board again.

“I’m excited to work the next three years for the district,” Mraz said.

Mraz said she will go through every line item of the new budget.

Miller also previously served on the board.

All three new members will serve three-year terms.

Bus purchase OK’d

Voters also authorized the purchase of school buses in a vote of 316-109. The district will buy three 66-passenger school buses during the 2014-15 school year at a cost not to exceed $350,165.

The state will pay for 90 percent of the cost.