Voters reject budget in Northville

NORTHVILLE – Northville Central School District’s budget proposal for 2014-15 fell five votes short of approval Tuesday, officials said.

The $10.6 million budget plan – which carried an estimated tax-levy increase of 3.8 percent – required a 60 percent supermajority to pass because it exceeded the tax levy cap. The district’s tax cap was set at 1.12 percent.

The majority of voters favored the budget, voting 255-179 for it.

However, district officials said the proposal fell five votes short of getting the needed supermajority.

Superintendent Debra Lynker said she was disappointed with the budget failing.

Lynker said the Board of Education can again put the budget up for public vote June 27, make cuts to the budget, or go directly to the contingency budget, which would only increase the tax levy by 1.11 percent.

The district will meet next week to discuss what to do about the budget for next school year.

Northville voters approved the purchase of a new 65-passenger bus, 263-157. The bus will cost roughly $113,000, with state aid covering 46 percent of the cost.

However, Lynker said it is not clear if the purchase will go through, due to the money tied up in the failed budget.

Dean Shepard, a school board candidate, received a seat on the board.

The Northville Public Library’s $153,000 budget was approved, 224-208. The library’s spending will increase by roughly $2,452.


Voters approved the proposed 2014-15 budget, totalling $18.5 million, with a total of 572 for and 187 against.

The approved budget carries a 1 percent tax levy decrease.

Voters also elected Mary Weaver, Stephanie Dye and Jason Romeyn to the board of education. Weaver was elected with 452 votes, Dye received 431 votes and Romeyn received 386 votes.

Weaver and Dye will fill two three-year terms, while Romeyn will fill two years of a three-year term.

Four other candidates were also on the ballot, including incumbents Cindy Breh and William Lints, who received 285 and 281 votes, respectively.


By a vote of 464 to 223, residents of the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District approved the district’s proposed $31.5 million budget for the 2014-15 school year. The budget calls for a 4.8 percent increase in spending from the 2013-14 school year and a 2.14 percent tax levy increase, which is at the district’s cap.

District residents also voted 520-187 to approve a proposition that will allow Broadalbin-Perth to purchase six vehicles.

Board of Education President Edward Szumowski was the only school board candidate on the ballot, and was re-elected to a second five-year term with 561 votes.


The Wheelerville Union Free School District’s $4.6 million budget proposal passed, 60-38.

A proposition to purchase a bus at $103,670 passed, 65-36. A proposition to amend the capital reserve budget at a maximum of $250,00 was approved, 65-34.

A proposition to amend the capital reserve fund to allow for improvements within $750,000 was approved, 68-30.

Suzanne Hamalak and Michael Frasier were both elected to the Board of Education.


Mayfield Central School District residents approved the district’s proposed $17.4 million 2014-15 budget, which has a tax levy increase of about 1.27 percent, or roughly $90,000.

The budget proposal was approved by a vote of 199-53.

Residents also approved a bus and truck purchase referendum, 200-68.

District voters also approved a proposition 207-65 that will allow the district to establish a capital reserve fund to offset the cost of any future renovation or construction projects.

One candidate, incumbent Ernie Clapper, who ran unopposed, was re-elected to the Board of Education after garnering 235 votes. Board terms are for five years.


Residents voted 117-22 to approve the 2014-15 school budget proposal for Wells Central School District. The $5 million plan has a 2.22 percent tax-levy increase.

Voters approved the purchase of a 30-passenger bus for $70,685.

Residents also voted to allow the Board of Education to create a Bus Replacement Reserve Fund and a Capital Project Reserve Fund, both not to exceed $400,000 over a 10-year period.

Stephen Stofelano was elected to the Board of Education with 108 votes. His five-year term begins July 1, when current board member David Woodward’s term expires.


Voters approved the Canajoharie Central School District’s 2014-15 budget proposal by a vote of 559-388 on Tuesday.

According to information from the district, the $20.4 million budget features a 3.25 percent increase in spending over last year’s budget, and has a 1.6 percent tax-levy increase.

Voters also elected Cheryl Vroman to a five-year term on the Board of Education over Jesse Quackenbush, 481-363.

Fort Plain

The 2014-15 Fort Plain Central School District budget proposal was approved by voters, 235-52.

According to information from the district, Fort Plain’s $18.8 million budget has a 2.59 percent decrease in spending from the current budget. The budget also has a 3 percent tax-levy decrease.

Voters also approved a plan to purchase two new buses by a vote of 219-67.

The Fort Plain Free library will increase its tax levy from $50,000 to $75,000 after voters approved the plan.

Voters rejected a plan to increase Board of Education term limits from three years to five years, 171-108.

Voters elected three candidates to three open Board of Education seats. Jeffrey Jones, Todd McFee and David Przestrzelski were all put on the board by voters.


The proposed Galway Central School District budget for 2014-15, set at $18.7 million, passed by a vote of 393-157.

A bus bond purchase passed by a vote of 377-160.

The vacancies on the Board of Education will be filled by Joan Slagle, who received 309 votes, and Anita Crawford, who garnered 304 votes. Andrew McPherson received 187 votes and Cathryn Hunt received 131 votes.

Reporters Levi Pascher and Kerry Minor contributed to this story.