Town leaders can deal

I am a lifelong resident of the area and someone who has seen the pendulum swing from a time when unions were seen as a positive influence and a way to help the middle class thrive to now, when The Leader-Herald, at every chance it gets, criticizes the idea of unions and the benefits in negotiated contracts.

In yet another example of bias against labor, The Leader-Herald produced a one-sided editorial with neither facts nor reality-based statements.

Having been an elected official who negotiated a contract with school district employees, I find your editorial demeaning to the town of Johnstown officials. You presume to advise the Town Board members on what their negotiation strategy should be, when they are perfectly capable of negotiating a contract that is not only fair to the workers, but to the taxpayers of their town.

As a paid home-delivery subscriber of your newspaper for more than 40 years, I would appreciate a more balanced approach to employment issues within our community.