Man surrenders more dogs: official

ROOT – A town dog breeder agreed to surrender several dogs to a local animal welfare organization on Monday, a member of the Montgomery County SPCA said.

Herbert Weich, owner of Flat Creek Kennel, gave custody of 13 border collies to the Montgomery County SPCA, according to SPCA board member Bethany Schumann-McGhee.

She said the dogs were surrendered after the SPCA filed a petition to have Weich pay a bond on the animals. The bond was to pay for the care of the 13 dogs.

Schumann-McGhee said 11 of the dogs are currently at Glen Highland Farm in Morris, Otsego County

Interim Shelter Manager at the MCSPCA Jan Zumbolo said Wednesday the organization is in possession of two border collie/shih tzu mix females. The dogs will be available for adoption after they are spayed, which is scheduled for Monday.

Weich was charged in January with violating the state’s Agriculture & Market Law for not providing adequate shelter to his dogs. Police said Weich was keeping the animals outside without adequate food, water or shelter. Weich willingly surrendered custody of 35 border collies and six shih Tzus to the MCSPCA.

Zumbolo said some of those dogs are still in foster homes getting socialized; Five of the dogs that were at the MCSPCA have been adopted.

The dogs were being housed in plastic barrels lined with hay, which were deemed inadequate for the subzero temperatures in the area at the time.

Schumann-McGhee said she believed the case against Weich was adjourned.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office could not provide information about the case Wednesday.