Help education by building community

I am running for the Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education. I have lived in Gloversville for the past 13 years and have been active in the school district since we moved here. I firmly believe education begins at home and continues at school both in and out of the classroom. Our school system is the foundation of our community. Not only do we improve the lives and future of our students by improving our school system, but the success and vitality of our community as well. Public education works best when schools, parents and the community work together.

As a parent, I have been actively involved in the school district for the past 13 years. Last year, my daughter Rachel graduated as the class of 2013 valedictorian and my daughter Rebecca is currently in the ninth grade and is on the principal’s list. Over the years, I have worked toward building relationships with teachers, advisers and coaches and have been willing to assist the school district in any way possible. I served as a parent representative on the superintendent search and the recent visit from the state Department of Education. As a community member, I have served as a board member for the Fulton County Mental Health Association and the YMCA Flying Fish Swim Team and have volunteered my time over the years in many community events.

I grew up poor in a small, rural town in central New York. At a young age, my parents instilled in me the importance of getting an education as the key to opening up the doors to future opportunities. With their support and the guidance and encouragement from teachers along the way, I earned my Ph.D in counselor education and am currently a professor at Fulton-Montgomery Community College. I never would have accomplished all that I have without an entire community of supporters behind me. All of our kids deserve our support. We, as parents, educators and community members, must do our part to promote the safety, involvement, success, retention and graduation of all of our students.

The future success of our students and our community is heavily dependent on the success of our school system. I want to be a key supporter in making our children’s and community’s future better. With your support Tuesday, I will do just that.