Mom would bring new ideas to board

Amsterdam residents are wondering who is this Andrea Prusky who is running for the Greater Amsterdam School District Board of Education? Well, I guess I have some introducing to do.

I am relatively new to the area. My husband is a Montgomery County deputy sheriff and has lived here most of his life. We moved to Amsterdam about three years ago with our five children. I have two step daughters in middle school and three boys in elementary school. I have zero experience running for political office and have no other connection than my husband and his family in Amsterdam.

So the big question is: Why am I running for school board? The answer is much simpler than any campaign I can swing at you. When someone is invested in a new career, for instance, one will fully investigate the benefits, the salary, the potential for growth and so on. Here’s my investment: I am a mom, I am a homeowner and a taxpayer. I am fully invested in this city, in this community, in our schools, in our neighbors and in our children. The decision to run for school board is my investment. It is a time investment away from my family. Every decision I make reflects back into this community and onto me.

I am a hard worker and I commit myself with a lot of passion. I am a fair thinker. I will review all the facts before making a decision. I do not mind speaking against the majority.

I am an avid believer in community strength, and as a parent in this city, I do not think there is enough of it. I want to bring more involvement to the school board meetings by using current technology – social media, for example – to keep more people involved. The city needs to keep ideas and communications with its community fresh and new, engaging and inspiring. Not everyone can attend meetings and when they do, it shouldn’t be because we are raising taxes or cutting health insurance for teachers.

My decision to run for school board wasn’t made to throw anyone off it. My desire is simply to bring some fresh ideas to the table as an active mother in the community.

I thank you for considering me for the Greater Amsterdam School District school board election May 20.