Investigation into jail death continues

FULTONVILLE – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and state police are investigating a death that occurred Friday at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, although no foul play is expected, according to a news release.

According to state police, Kenneth W. McConville, 37, was being held at the jail awaiting arraignment on charges of first-degree criminal intent and second-degree harassment stemming from an order of protection violation when he died.

State Police Investigator Wayne Matice said as standard procedure, McConville was being held in a holding cell at the facility as he was scheduled for arraignment Saturday in Minden Town Court.

“We don’t have holding cells, so we have a deal with the county where we can hold our detainee’s there until arraignment,” Matice said.

He said no foul play was noted during the arrest or McConville’s detention at the correctional facility.

An autopsy is being conducted and both departments are awaiting a toxicology report.

A previous release sent by the sheriff’s office said McConville was arrested by state police and was being held as a detainee in a holding cell at the Montgomery County Jail, and during that time he died.

A representative at the sheriff’s office said this morning the department will not be releasing any other details besides what has been provided in the releases.

Matice said he expects more information to become available in the coming days.

According to the release, both departments are working together to determine the cause of death.