Price lists are helpful

While there may be regulations in New York state that are unfriendly to businesses and the economy, some state regulations actually help consumers and small businesses.

Here are a couple of examples:

New York state requires pharmacies to provide detailed drug-price lists to customers upon request. These lists allow customers to compare prices among pharmacies, which is especially helpful to small, independent pharmacies, because the lists help them show how their prices stack up against the larger chain pharmacies. The state even goes a step further with this regulation by making those drug-list prices available online through a search engine on the Department of Health’s website. This is the link to the drug-price search engine:

The state Department of Health requires funeral homes to publish detailed general price lists. Funeral homes are required to provide customers with these price lists upon request. The price lists are a valuable tool for determining the best funeral home for every family’s budget during what can be a trying and difficult time in their lives.

The pharmacy and funeral home price-list regulations help make the free enterprise system better by providing market clarity in areas where consumer ignorance could be costly.