Cheers and jeers

CHEERS -?To the “Morning Show.” We’re not talking about the morning show you may listen to on the radio driving to work or on television. We’re talking about the “Gloversville Middle School Morning Show,” which middle school students put together every school day and post to YouTube so the school can watch it each morning. This show doesn’t consist of merely the morning announcements. It’s filled with comedy, skits, school news and features as well. It’s quite an impressive undertaking, and we hope it continues. The newscast is primarly student-driven and is developed by students in the Writing and Media enrichment program and other students who want to help out. Middle school Principal Mark Batty and school librarian Megan Hallenbeck got the ball rolling for the program. The public can watch the shows on YouTube by searching “GMS Morning Show.”

JEERS – To contractors who prey on the innocent. As home-improvement season gets under way, we’d like to remind homeowners to be careful when choosing a contractor. Most contractors are good and honest, but some aren’t. We point to the recent case of Robert Decker, 59, of Fonda, who pleaded guilty earlier this week to grand larceny, scheming to defraud and other charges for leaving jobs unfinished or not doing them at all after getting paid, authorities said. He faces a prison term of three to nine years, authorities said. For advice on how to avoid home-improvement scams, visit the New York State Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection at

CHEERS – To providing the antidote. New York lawmakers this week passed a bill to increase the availability of an antidote drug for heroin overdoses. Health care professionals would be able to write a prescription for naloxone to pharmacies and certified training programs, which would give kits to people at risk of an overdose or their caretakers. Heroin deaths are rising across the state. This drug can help save lives.