Town plans paving

MOHAWK – Town residents will see roadwork activity on several town roads this summer.

The Town Board scheduled road maintenance Thursday.

The list of roads to be maintained are as follows:

James Street, Meadow Street and Parry Boulevard from Mohawk Drive to Route 5.

Bates Road starting at Mohawk Drive.

Kupciunas Drive from Bates Road to the dead end.

Veeder Road from State Road 334 to Commons Road.

Old Johnstown Road from Old Trail Road to the county line.

Pavlus Lane from Hickory Hill Road to the dead end.

Reservoir Road from Route 5 to Hickory Hill Road.

The board declined to fully pave Barker Road, a partial dirt road, in the interest of making sure more heavily traveled roads are maintained.

In order to fully pave Barker Road, work on Old Johnstown Road would have to have been put on hold this year.

Town Highway Superintendent William Holvig said there is a large difference in traffic between the two roads.

“Barker Road doesn’t get much traffic at all, but Old Johnstown Road gets a huge amount of traffic,” Holvig said.

The board decided to add a fresh binder coat to the paved sections of Barker Road near Hickory Hill Road and Stone Arabia Road.

Board member Bruce Pavlus said the road has three houses on it along the paved sections.

The cost to fully pave the road would be around $156,000, whereas repaving the smaller sections could cost about $25,000.

Holvig said the dirt sections are in good shape, and the town highway department has been adding material to the sections.

“We’ve been adding material to it every year, and it’s held up pretty good,” Holvig said.

Holvig said he would speak with other towns about getting extra equipment to help with the projects.

The roadwork should begin around July, since the highway department wanted to wait until the school year was over to begin any roadwork.