Colonial Theatre to unveil quintet of short plays

JOHNSTOWN – Colonial Little Theatre will unveil a quintet of short plays at the opening weekend of its eighth annual New Play Festival of staged readings.

Curtain time will be 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. A $5 donation is suggested. Reservations are not needed.

Nine actors play multiple roles in the five plays authored by aspiring playwrights of the greater Capital Region.

The plays are:

‘Hippie Love in Late Middle Age’

by Edward Versailles

Sydney and Fanchon Harris, married for 14 years, are trying to select the movie they will see this evening. Only problem is, they can’t read the poster in the case on the street from their car. And in order to come to an agreement, Sydney has to reveal something he has never before told his wife.

The cast: Rich Pekins, Terri Storrs and Melissa Capone.

‘When Irish Eyes

Are Flirting’

by Joe Starzyk

What do you get when you mix two old Irishmen, too much Guinness and two young American women? Sparks will fly when “Irish Eyes Are Flirting.”

The cast: Will Dougherty, George Carter, Melissa Capone, Faith Barlow and Christian Rohrs.


by Kimberly

Ann Saunders

“Method” tells the story of a young actress, desperate for success, who goes to dramatic lengths to ensure her audience’s approval.

It explores the emotional measures endured by not only actors, but the people close to them in their lives. “Method” also serves as a lesson for those who may take the theories of acting a little too seriously.

The cast: Melissa Capone, Christian Rohrs, Edward Miller, Faith Barlow and George Carter.

‘Quickee Lube’

by Steve Gottlieb

“Quickee Lube” is the adventures of a customer experiencing the world of retail lubrication and all that it has to offer.

The cast: Will Dougherty, Rich Pekins and Edward Miller.

‘Dating for Dummies’ by Julie Demers

An evening of accidental mispairings of two blind dates ends unexpectedly.

The cast: Faith Barlow, Melissa Capone, Christian Rohrs, Mark Joseph Peek, George Carter and Edward Miller.

All five plays are directed by Kimberly Ann Saunders, the author of “Method.”

Kimberly recently received her master’s degree in English from SUNY Albany, which culminated in a thesis exploring the elements of the horror genre on stage.

Her dramatic works have received previous staged readings at SUNY Oswego and two of her children’s plays received full productions at Princeton Summer Theater.

Kimberly looks forward to continuing her passion for playwriting and directing, and is currently working at bringing her words to life on screen.

Audience members will have an opportunity to participate in a talkback with the director, authors and cast members following each evening’s performances.

“The Waver,” a two-act comedy by Anthony Pezzula of Albany, will be presented May 16 and 17 at 7 p.m.

The producer of the festival is Theatre Workshop, the Colonial Little Theatre playwrights group.

Believing new plays to be the lifeblood of theater, Theatre Workshop was organized in 2006 to develop new plays for production as staged readings at Colonial Little Theatre, and to raise money for the theater’s capital fund.

This is its eighth production season.