Test error affects grade 3 students

GLOVERSVILLE – Third-grade students at Kingsborough Elementary were among about a hundred third-grade classes statewide missing questions on their state math assessment, officials reported Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, Gloversville Enlarged School District Superintendent Michael Vanyo said the district had encountered an error on state tests.

According to Vanyo, third-graders at Kingsboro Elementary opened the testing booklet to find pages blank, with questions 33 to 46 missing. Vanyo contacted Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services Superintendent Patrick Michel and the state Department of Education about the error. Vanyo said there was a mistake in the printing, and NYSED provided the missing questions later in the day.

In total, 48 students in Kingsboro Elementary were affected. Helen Stuetzel, interim assistant superintendent with GESD, said the students were given the missing questions that day and finished the test.

Vanyo said only the third-grade students in Kingsboro Elementary were affected in the district. However, across the state, many schools encountered this error.

NYSED spokeswoman Jeanne Beattie said the printing issue in the third-grade exam involved one of four versions of the test.

“We resolved it by providing the limited number of affected schools with instructions to remedy the issue locally to allow students to complete the test without disruption. Many schools simply used a different form in place of the affected books; some schools printed the necessary items locally,” Beattie said. “It is also important to point out that not every booklet of this form was impacted.”

Statewide, Beattie said around 100 schools were affected by the error.

Michel said no other districts in the HFM BOCES area were affected.

“I think they pretty much took care of it,” Michel said. “… [NYSED] recognized there was a screw-up, and they responded very quickly.”