District eyes new curriculum rules

GLOVERSVILLE – The Gloversville Enlarged School District is thinking about implementing new curriculum rules governing adding or dropping courses.

Lynn Brown, Gloversville Board of Education vice president, read a report Tuesday night during the district’s board meeting.

During the curriculum report, Brown said she met with members of the board and district officials to discuss changes to policies governing the district’s curriculum.

According to Brown, the district is working on details for a new policy for adding and dropping classes.

Currently, Brown said, students have an extended deadline to add or drop classes.

According to Brown, the add/drop policy for the high school will be updated with clear guidelines for adding and dropping half-semester and semester-long classes.

Brown said the district wants to have an earlier deadline, two or three weeks into the semester at the high school. Brown said the district would like to have a similar policy at the middle school.

“Right now, we are looking at it and are hoping it will be implemented by next year,” Brown said.

These policies, Brown said, still need to be drafted and reviewed by the policy committee before they are presented to the full board in a June meeting.

Gloversville Middle School Principal Mark Batty said the school does not have alternative classes for students to enroll in when they drop out of a class halfway through the fall semester or later, and this could lead to students overloading a particular class. Batty said with a deadline, it could make students think harder about their options for schedules.

Gloversville High School Principal Richard DeMallie said it was important to have a deadline for students.

“There has to be a penalty for if they drop out after a certain period of time,” DeMallie said. “It will be on their transcripts either as a withdraw passing or a withdraw failing,” DeMallie said.

DeMallie said officials would review withdrawals before approving them.