Elect leaders who will fight SAFE Act

There is no evidence anywhere in America that proves Gov. Cuomo’s new gun-control law and the efforts of state representatives, senators, Congress and state judicial officials in any way reduce crime.

Protecting our constitutional Second Amendment rights will not happen as long as the New York elitists are in charge of the New York State Assembly.

The answer: Vote in the Republican primary to make sure a candidate who agrees with us has the Republican line in November in the general election. If we can organize that alone, Jan. 1, 2015, we can support a new leadership to defund the SAFE Act.

This will be the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of this Draconian law. The most tactical approach to both defeating the SAFE Act and sending a message to the turn-coat senators will be to focus all of our energy on enough winnable Senate races to make the Democratic senators and turn-coat Republicans a super minority.

We need to replace anti-gun senators with pro-gun senators. The impact will be monumental. Elections: Get out and vote. Remember, all us service veterans, sportsmen gun clubs and firearm owners, numbering into the hundreds of thousands, hopefully will make a difference.

Bottom line, you can try to live in the problem or live in the solution. If you never engage in the battle, you will never have the chance to win the war.

Get out and vote and show your strength and support and save our Second Amendment. Unite, be active and get involved and achieve the same goal to win.