Approval likely for county landfill permit renewal

JOHNSTOWN – The state Department of Environmental Conservation has given the Fulton County Department of Solid Waste indication its 10-year renewal for the county landfill will be approved.

Department Director Jeff Bouchard announced the possible approval to county officials last week.

“That’s great news,” Gloversville 3rd Ward Supervisor Michael F. Gendron said Monday.

Gendron, chairman of the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development and Environment Committee, said the Fulton County landfill has a good reputation for its operation. He said the county receives compliments when he attends New York State Association of Counties meetings.

“As I attend NYSAC meetings, Jeff Bouchard and the Fulton County landfill are known throughout the state,” Gendron said. “It’s a real jewel.”

Bouchard told the committee he’s been discussing permit renewal with DEC officials. He said the county’s current 10-year, Part 360 regulations permit is set to expire in 2016. He requested the state renew the Mud Road-based facility for another 10 years now to eliminate the need to start the renewal process a year from now.

Bouchard told supervisors the “initial indication” from DEC is that Fulton County will be approved for the 10-year permit renewal, which would be good until 2024.

“We should be able to get it all done this year,” he said Monday.

Bouchard said the state requested an update of the landfill’s operation and maintenance manual and contingency plan.

He said a public hearing on the permit renewal will be required and he will alert county supervisors as to when it needs to be scheduled.

In his operational update to the committee, Bouchard also reported department Environmental Technician Josh Brown attended a 2 1/2-day Civil Service Employees Association-sponsored confined space training session refresher course.

Bouchard said the Perth municipal cleanup was concluded recently, and similar programs are upcoming in the city of Johnstown and towns of Bleecker and Mayfield.

Department of Solid Waste staff recently have been removing metal items from the Tryon facility in preparation for an auction scheduled for Wednesday.

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