Get off the pellet stove

In response to a recent letter to the editor: Sitting on a pellet stove – never a good idea. That will cause you to “somewhat plaintively” ask very dumb questions to Girl Scouts selling delicious cookies, questions such as, “Did you make them yourself?” When finding out, much to your dismay, that they did not bake the cookies themselves, you will lugubriously walk away, probably mumbling under your breath, “Lazy kids today, sitting there trying to sell me cookies they didn’t even bake themselves. They’re not getting my money.”

When these young ladies offer you those delicious cookies, it’s not so much about the cookies. It’s about them gaining communication skills by interacting directly with you, face to face. This is a skill that will help them throughout their lives. If you have no interest in buying the cookies, just show some kindness, smile and say, “No, thank you.”

You will find it hurts a lot less than sitting on a pellet stove.