Local tigers, leopards not hurting anyone

Regarding Steve Salton “running a business”: Am I running a business from my place of residence because I crochet afghans, show them off, accept donations of yarn and even give them away?

So what if Steve does have cards that look like business cards, or a listing on some website letting people know about his tigers and leopards so he can show them off free of any charges? If I could crochet faster, I’d be doing the same thing – all free of charge -and I’d hand out my business-style cards too. Even college graduates have business-style cards they hand out when they’re looking for work.

Of course, these animals can be dangerous. After all, they are wild. That’s why Steve has such sturdy double enclosures so you can’t get near them. And Steve keeps the gates locked so you can’t get in and they can’t get out.

People complain about Steve’s animals, and then they pay to go to a zoo or Adirondack Animal Land.

Those neighbors who complain about the potential danger have apparently never even been there to see the animals or those enclosures. And as for the noise, Steve has a monitor in his house so he can watch them, and if they make any noise, he talks to them and they calm right down.

Where is there any justice for Steve regarding these animals? Steve’s animals can’t possibly be accused of being killers, like those animals in Ohio that were trying to run away from their human killers – who are the most dangerous killers.

Why can’t people use a little common sense and have empathy for Steve and reconsider their decision?

Besides, Steve always had a farm there with horses, goats and geese. So it’s still a farm, isn’t it?