‘Princeton Shuffle’ a bad plan for kids

The Princeton Plan originated in the New Jersey suburb of Princeton. It was intended to create racial equality and had absolutely nothing to do with raising the quality of education. I believe it later was called “busing” and we all know what a huge success that was.

Other communities that have tried this plan did it for “cost savings” more than for educational benefits, if any exist. Cairo-Durham Central School District had the Princeton Plan suggested by Superintendent Joel Pollak. The plan created such a backlash that voters threatened to vote down any budget that included the plan.

In short, the “Princeton Shuffle” is a bad plan.

I don’t know if this bad plan is cast in concrete or if there is any way to get rid of it before it harms our schools and our children’s education, but I hope so.

Any parents who feel the Princeton Plan should be scrapped, please contact the Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education or start a petition for parents to sign.