Never too old to celebrate a birthday

People past 30 or 40 years of age will halfheartedly say they do not like to be reminded of their birthdays; “Only one more day closer to death,” they will say.

People celebrate anniversaries, whether annual holidays like Christmas, Independence Day and Halloween, or wedding anniversaries.

These times are crucial public and private events of our lives that allow us to be human and feel accepted.

Why not birthdays?

My niece Abby is turning 12 this month. I am sure others had birthdays this month.

April is also the time when nature renews itself, especially after the long winter we just had. Spring is a time we feel rejuvenated with all of nature’s brilliant hues and bright colors.

Life is shorter than we can ever imagine. Some people live past 100 while others only a few days, and some not at all.

As for me: Bring on the birthday party. Celebrating birthdays, no matter the age, confirms the love one has for another, and that without them, the world would be left a little emptier.