City eyes moves for Transit volunteers

GLOVERSVILLE – Transit Commission and Recreation Commission both need members, according to city officials.

Mayor Dayton King was scheduled on the agenda for the Common Council meeting last week to make two appointments to both the Transit and Recreation Commissions.

However, no appointments were made; the mayor said no one has volunteered to take the available positions.

As a result, King asked Mobility Manager William Walrath to place signs within Transit’s buses to potentially entice those who use the service to participate on the commission.

Walrath said the Transit Commission doesn’t have any authority to control certain functions of the department because that is the responsibility of the mayor and council.

However, he said the commission is responsible for finding ways to increase ridership and promote the service throughout the community.

“All the authority is with the council and mayor, but they brainstorm ways to promote transit,” Walrath said. “It’s a way for transit to put its best foot forward and promote the ridership.”

Despite not having enough members to hold official meetings, the commission’s two active members, Christine Benson and Wallace Truesdell, have been meeting on their own to keep the promotion efforts going, Walrath said.

Walrath said the Transit Commission is needed due to the federal funding the department receives. Some type of public forum is required in order for the Transit System to get that funding, he said, and the monthly meetings of the Transit Commission usually serve that purpose.

First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth said the change of the Transit Commission’s meeting time from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m. left some people unable to participate.

Walrath said the time could be changed if other participants wish to do so.

King said he believes the positions on the commission can be filled in the coming months. If the city cannot find volunteers interested in serving on the commission, he said, the city could look at having the council meetings serve as a forum for transit issues.

King also said it is important for residents to volunteer their time to improve the city and the services it provides.

“Volunteering is great because it gets you involved and you get to meet great people along the way,” King said.

The city is looking to fill at least two positions on the Transit Commission, but there are five spots available.

The Recreation Commission has two spots available, city officials said.

Applications for the positions can be found in the City Clerk’s office and on the city website.