Golf tournaments could boost economy

As progress continues to make Saratoga become a recognized global tourism center and expanded brands, United States’ campaigns introducing more foreign countries to America’s tourism industry continue.

Collateral economic benefits will steadily materialize. Local and area golf courses can be among those entities enjoying steadily reliable visits by golf enthusiasts from around the world, if the courses are inclined to provide the necessary motivational incentives; sanctioned “showcase tournaments” help allow serious aspiring golfers (youth and adults) to show off their respective skills for semi-pro national and international golf associations. The tournaments will not only elevate individual golfers to higher levels of play and recognition; the courses and host municipalities can each expect a reasonably estimated income hovering close to, or even surpassing, the $100,000 level.

To further strengthen the chances to achieve the monetary goals desired, some golf courses should collectively form a unified coalition so more than one “showcase” tournament” can be held at reasonably scheduled intervals. There should be no concerns about golfer participation, since the markets being reached out to will consist of persistent waves of international global tourists coming in over a span of months.

As for tournament sponsors, every category within the booming golf industry, from the top down to numerous supply businesses, can be counted on for support – if each golf course’s management, local government leadership and elected representatives join ranks and work closely together to prove they are capable of doing what must be done.