Christ’s resurrection proves eternal life

Prior to Christ coming to earth as the incarnation of God, the Israelites sacrificed animals in the Holy of Holies, that part of the temple where the high priest made atonement for the sins of the people, which was a foreshadowing of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice once and for all at Calvary’s cross.

The word declares in Leviticus 17:11 that “the life is in the blood.” This Easter season, Christians, the church or called out assembly of believers, celebrate as a family the suffering of Christ in the shedding of his blood on the cross for my redemption, and your redemption, as well as his death, burial and ultimate resurrection from the grave. Christ Jesus, the son of God, shed his blood and through the shedding of his blood, which is applied to our lives when we receive him as savior and Lord, we have through the salvation experience:

1.) The remission of sins.

2.) The redemption of our souls.

3.) A relationship with Christ and God the father.

4.) A restoration between God and man.

5.) The reconciling of man and God.

6.) A righteousness or right standing before God.

Good works are not the redeeming factor in men’s lives, only the blood of Jesus, applied to our lives when we receive him as savior and Lord. Good works only reveal we are Christians, for men are saved not by good works, but for good works. The blood purchased men’s souls, and a severed relationship with God was restored through the shed blood at the cross, spelling the defeat of sin, death, hell and Satan.

Yet, the shed blood of Calvary was a prelude to the resurrection of Christ, for the resurrection is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, which spells victory. The resurrection proved there is eternal life in heaven for all who trust Christ as savior and Lord.

Do you believe?