Many ways to ‘trap’ tourists in our area

There are many ways to promote tourism from Pennsylvania to Canada along Route 30 (an old Indian trail) including: free overnight tent camping, firewood, playground for kids and pets, dumping stations at state campgrounds; large enough for new motor homes and trailers, and tourism maps with side trips and free camping.

Some other examples:

New farmers’ museums in Middleburgh, Schoharie County, which also would promote fishing, hunting and trapping in the Adirondack Park.

Build snowmachine and ATV trails along Route 30 from Pennsylvania to Canadian border.

Open old stone fort at Fort Johnson from spring to fall; also, canal days with oxen pulling barges.

Have a real stage coach from Wells to Speculator.

Expand Oak Mountain and Tupper Lake ski tows and summer activities.

Build old logging camps with a bunk house, horse barn, trappers cabins and long house or teepees; top of Wells hill and Tupper Lake where there were old logging dams.

Expand the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake, including the logging exhibit with a monument to horses, men and river drivers. International paper and Finch Pruyn and Co. might be interested.

We also need two casinos, one in Amsterdam, the other in Tupper Lake for Canadian tourists.

Town boards should rent a motor home, drive Route 30 or Route 8. The first thing you will say is “Where can I park this thing tonight free? (Gas is about $4 a gallon). Don’t send this type of tourist into wild forest that should be left alone for animals and that type of camper.

Remember: DEC is restricting free camping along Route 8 and 30, and people making $10 or $12 an hour can’t afford to be tourists.