Girl Scouts should try homemade cookies

I was sitting on the pellet stove one evening when my mind turned to things that grate me – such as British companies that buy out American electric companies and raise power prices 60 percent during the hardest winter we’ve had recently, and airplanes that go missing, and gambling laws that allot money to treat gambling addiction. But most of all, to Girl Scout cookies.

Every time I see Girl Scouts out in front of a store selling manufactured cookies, I stop and ask somewhat plaintively, “Did you make those yourself?” The leaders usually smile sympathetically and say something like, “Sure, we just send them out to be packaged.” I then say something like, “If you make me some homemade ones, I’ll give you $5 a dozen for them.”

Then, I turn disconsolately away hoping to return someday and see the girls of Troop 55, flour on their faces and aprons, selling homemade cookies next year.